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Top app

تطبيق مهم وجميل، خاصة إدراج نص كشريط الأخبار، شكرًا أبل.

Something happened..

I love this app but like when I deleted it it just pops up again with a app that has like a white background and black lines and says Videoshop on it and I’m like, I thought I deleted it..I’m sister shook and don’t know what to do, plus it’s taking my storage and doesn’t want to delete it just keeps coming back!

Fun app

Simple and easy for a beginner to use.

What the actual hell happened.

Did you become greedy? I’ve owned this app for years, ever since it costed 5 bucks. And I’ve been loving it ever since. However, recently I noticed you made a big big slip. You made the app have a monthly membership deal. It’s stupid really. I’ve already payed money for this. Why should I pay again? Make the app free again, or at least give me a refund for how horrible you’ve made this app

Great app!

Love the added features. The sound effects are a tad loud.

It’s awful

It lets me on for 1 minuet and then it kicks me out sometimes it works but then I get all happy and then it freezes my phone I had to get a new iPhone because of this app thank you vary much and my point is I hate this app


I have used this app for 3 years. I had this app on samsung and got an iPhone. I paid for Videoshop because it cost money on the iPhone version. Recently, y’all made a pro version. I was worried but I realized that people that paid for the app automatically had the pro version. I preordered the iPhone XR and wanted to clear out my phone. This app took up 30GB. I deleted the app and reinstalled. I thought I would keep the pro version. Can I get help?

I love it

Best app I’ve ever used 👍 Helped me make my YouTube BIMN Boys


I love it it’s great and easy to use so I would recommend this to everyone but if it could have even more stuff I would try to give it ten stars

Why does it keep on freezing?

After I bought the lifetime pro each time I edited my video my screen freezes and then I have to get rid of the memory and do the same thing again.


This is the best app I have ever used for videos you should sponsor me

So so

I was trying out editing apps when I came across this one. So I’m editing a video and I decided to add a background. Then it just cuts out the music and crashes. And I’m very disappointed.

Pretty good

It doesn't have all the effects I would want, and can be glitchy at times, but is easy to use and effective.

Really Great

This is a really good app I made a video and got a lot of views on it... but there tends to be crashes and just kicks you out of the app, really love and appreciate this apps creativity. Maybe there should be more effects? That’s just a possibility🤗

This slaps

Love this app they make editing so easy don’t know what I will do without this app. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Bad news

Super disappointed in this app. I have had it for a long time, and got it when it still cost money. Now I see that some of the features I purchased are no longer available to me because I don’t have the “pro subscription” Oh well. I guess I could find something different, except this was the best video editing app offered on the App Store, in my opinion. I still recommend it for those of you willing to pay the subscription, or those who don’t want/need the pro features.

Ruined with pro

I used this to work on videos for years but had to delete it due to storage. Now when I go back to try use the features I used to be able to, it’s all pay to use.


This app is awesome for making videos, but has bugs to fix.sometimes the sound will just 🛑 stop.Annoying.But pretty great.

Crash and Burn but otherwise ok

So I’ve had this app for a long time. And it came out with updates and I bought the pro version so I could have everything and things worked out. Then a new update came in and I had to buy coins to get background music and sound effects. I was kinda mad but it wasn’t that expensive so I brought some coins. Another new update came out and all my coins were gone. I brought more and they stayed for a while. NOW THIS UPDATE. Now all my coins are gone again and I says I haven’t upgraded to pro and I have all of the newb things and can barely edit videos anymore and now there are even more crashes. There used to be some crashes but not a lot. But on this new update, when I try to do anything it crashes. I. Am. Done. Videoshop, fix it

Nice app

So I payed for this app awhile ago and now I gotta pay to remove the watermark! I’m disappointed if you could remove the watermark and bring it back to dee that would be great

I don’t like it

I don’t like it because it does not upload to YouTube

Best app after 3 Years, but WHY SUBSCRIPTION

I like this app! I could even to make some memes on my iPad. But, why does some of these apps I get have subscriptions? I lost all my projects and memory of the app and it now says I have to pay! WHY!?!

Good app

Before that’s all my videos have been blurry understandable and this legible so I’m happy this app I found this app because now just change my whole life

Music Videos

I have made every single music video from my band The Virile One’s with your app and its awesome. It works very well and I hardly ever have to get mad at all and throw my phone. I haven’t even broken one phone with your app yet. That is a record. I have broken a total of 76 iPhones with other video making apps and. It one with yours. It’s a good think because I just love to smash things!!! Thanks for saving me and my family tons of iPhones:)😬😬😬. I’m being 100% serious too. 76 iPhones is almost way to many huh?

It was good

A couple months ago I bought the app to edit some videos but now everything costs money which is fine but I feel like they shouldn’t have charged money for the application if they were just going to lock some key elements behind paywalls

Bad move, you lost a fan

I used to love this app and tell everyone about it until they made you have to pay a subscription for “pro” features. Thanks for ruining one of the best and most useful apps for the iPhone. 👎🏼

Bought the app a long time ago and now it’s charging me

Not happy that after I paid for it and used it for a while now I have to pay for it again

Does whatever it wants

I don’t know if it’s my old phone (I’m using an IPhone5s) or the app itself, but the app seems to screw up some commands. Sometimes when I trim a part of the video, it says to try again. I try it again and it still doesn’t work. And when it does trim, it messes up where I set my text. This app is not good when it doesn’t work, but it’s great when it does. But the amount of times it doesn’t work gives this app 2 stars.


Hello nice I love this app it’s so cool and really easy to use. This has gotten me subs and much more. THANKS


Great app, but for some reason it continues to crash after 1 min. It has been doing it the last couple of days


I hate the watermark I don’t wana spend any money to remove it

Bad quality

Real blurry and horrible quality when uploaded to Facebook


Exactly what I need for my YouTube channel “All About Audi.” 👍🏾


I absolutely LOVE this app. I’m trying to start YouTube and it’s really helping. It’s already gotten me such great results on Instagram. I just have one request: I just wish I was able to zoom in on my videos a lot more with the “resize” tool. It just stops me when I’ve barely zoomed in. I use lots of zoom effects for comedic purposes in my videos but it’s hard when I can’t zoom in that much. I understand that you probably limit the zoom so that it’s impossible to zoom to a point where it would reduce the picture quality but I don’t really care about that when I’m trying to do a funny effect. Please make it to where I can zoom in a lot more! Like ten times more! Please! That would be so awesome. Thank you! :)

Thanks very much!!!!!

All I can say, is thank you for your helpful app, is really amazing. And thank you for your great customer service I really appreciate considering my time with your app I’m happy and I highly recommend this app for those who love make and edit videos, it’s easy and has potential. And for those who have it, Enjoy!!!

Incredible Awesome Vid editing 👍👍👍

I have used this app for years and every time it has never ceased to satisfy me. I highly recommend this to you, beginner or pro, and is totally worth the money for it

I hate you

This app did not upload my video I hate this app


Small business timesaver!!

Very good

This app is way better then any other highly recommended

I love it but there’s problems

The app crashes every time I open it, I don’t like that it now has a watermark and not only that but you have to pay to use the reverse feature :(

It’s perfect!

I don’t know why it took me so long to find this app! I love editing videos, and this app has everything I need to make simple edits: voiceovers, trimming, speed, filters, etc etc! I like how there’s not an extreme amount of pro features, so people who (are broke like me) can still get a good use out of it. my only recommendation would be: maybe add a feature that lets you insert sounds from a voice recording app? for example, if I have a voice recording app, if I recorded sound on it, I could insert that sound into one of my videos. anyway, thanks for making such a great app!😊 my videomall username is: mintograce

Yay it’s subscription based now!

Paid for this app just so it could become subscription based. That was fun while it lasted I guess. I tried “restore purchases” and it didn’t work. It’s okay though I’ve already moved on. For me, software will never be worth paying monthly for. I’ve even moved away from Adobe, which I’ve loved for years, because of the move to subscription. Thankfully there are still developers making great stuff for a one time price.

Best YouTube editor video

I love this app this is the best app I’ve used for my channel!! Btw my channel is Daphniebunny if you wanna see how the video quality is :)


I lost my pro status and they restored it same day. 10/10 thank you guys

Good but one problem I hate

This app is a good editing app. But there is something I hate about the app, it is that whenever I edit, the sound of the edited part of the video would go away and I get really annoyed by that so please fix that.

I don’t like this update

I’ve been using the app for years but I deleted it once to free space then I Redownloaded it (a week later) and now they want me to pay for pro status when I already bought the app before! Thanks for the wonderful response to my review what an amazing app and service ❤️

The best customer service

I’ve had this app since the beginning and is still the best editing software period. Had an issue a couple days ago when I bought the new iPhoneXsMax, it showed that I didn’t have the Pro anymore and I couldn’t restore purchases. Contact them via email and they responded quick and help me get what I needed. Back using all the Pro Features. Very happy.

Super Easy

Easy seamless and intuitive!

Glitch with clipping

I get an error after trying to trim a clip that was created after cutting a video... I started with one 1 minute video imported, cut out a part, cut out another part, leaning me with three clips. Now the last video is giving me an error when I try to do it again. Please try to recreate and fix it.

I paid for this app a while back.

I paid for this app but I see that I still have the watermark and all the pro stuff unlocked. Please, help.

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